The New Re-Mix-Her


Ah, change. You either love it or you hate it. Some changes I'm not a fan of, but some changes are long overdue. I've been considering a redesign and a platform change on my blog for quite a while.

I spent the last week in Indiana visiting friends and family, so I thought it'd be the perfect week to take a break from daily posts and give my blog an overhaul. I hope you like it!

More features are on the way as I continue to tweak and build the site. But now it's YOUR turn to chime in on some changes: What sort of posts would you like to see more of, less of, etc.? Let me know in the comments!

Your Travel Makeup Bag Dilemma Solved


I don’t know about you, but I have a million and one cosmetic bags that came from free gifts with purchases. For years, I’ve relied on those to help me pack for vacations and trips, which (in my opinion) has made me overpack and take too many items I won’t use.


Enter this bag from Sonia Kashuk and Target.


In case you didn’t see my video yesterday, which was basically my ode to the bag, allow me to reiterate: If you travel a lot and want something to keep you organized without spending a fortune, go to Target right now and get this. There are two removable smaller pouches that velcro in the front, a divider for brushes that manages to keep them clean and in place, and a back pocket that’s deep enough to hold even the bulkiest makeup products.

Traveling and packing just got that much simpler. Thanks, Sonia Kashuk!

I Need Red Lipstick—Stat!

IMG_3194 IMG_3208 IMG_3202 IMG_3212 IMG_3210 IMG_3201

Top: Unknown | Shorts: Target | Flats: Target (old) | Bag: Sam & Libby | Sunglasses: Loft | Bracelets: Forever 21, gift


Poor packing on my part. This outfit would have been perfect with a little red (or even orange) lipstick, but alas, I didn’t bring any lipsticks with me over the weekend while I was house/dog-sitting. This is my ideal weekend outfit: stripes, comfortable and breezy shorts, and easy flats.

Summer Brow Update


Back at the work grind again! *Picks up fourth cup of coffee.

I spent the weekend dog-sitting a cute Wheaton Terrier named Archie (more over on my Snapchat: remixher). It was almost like renting a dog for the weekend; kudos to those of you who have dogs—they’re a lot of work (but also a lot of fun)!

With my recent haircut, most of my red-tinted hair was chopped off. I love having red hair, but with pool season upon us, it’s harder to keep dyed hair free from chlorine. I’m keeping my hair my natural hair color this summer, which means my go-to Anastasia brow products won’t work (all in the color Auburn). I wanted to updated my brow products for my natural hair color, so I stopped by Ulta last week to pick up the NYX Tame & Frame Tinted Brow Pomade in the shade blonde—which works surprisingly well on me. It might be a hair or two too light, so I darken things up ever so slightly and lock them into place with Sonia Kashuk’s Tinted Brow Gel. Doing my brows has very quickly become my favorite part of my makeup routine lately.