I'm Caitlin Israel, a twenty-something midwesterner with a penchant for neutrals, donuts, and makeup.
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A Peek Inside My Room

Part of the challenge of living in the dorm all four years (by choice, actually) is making my room more than just a solid, white block with some standard undergraduate furniture. Here’s a peek into where I live:

Essential fall nail polishes (left to right: Essie’s Carry On, Rimmel’s Rags to Riches, Essie’s Very Structured, Chanel’s Vamp, Essie’s Power Clutch)

A bamboo plant (affectionately named Bamboozle) that was given to me by my roommate and that I’ve managed to keep alive

A necessary addiction: Starbuck’s decaf espresso roast, my overused french press, and my coffee tumbler

A tiny sample of the new Burberry Body perfume that I’ve been attempting to use sparingly

CoverGirl’s Feline - a perfect complement to fall’s many neutrals

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