I'm Caitlin Israel, a twenty-something midwesterner with a penchant for neutrals, donuts, and makeup.
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Happy First Birthday!

Happy Birthday, Blog! from Caitlin Wilson on Vimeo.

Happy birthday, blog! It’s hard to believe that one year ago today, I wrote my first post and began the journey that is personal style blogging. Once again, thank you to everyone who continually reads and supports me in this endeavor; I truly enjoy it and hope you do, as well. 

To commemorate this past year, I thought I’d pick out a favorite outfit from each month. Some of these include my first knitted sweater, fur and leather, and memories from my time at home last summer. I have a full year’s worth of outfits, so if you have some time today, feel free to browse a few months back and see the progression. I had a great time looking back through the different photos, and I know you will, too. Once again, thank you all, and happy birthday, Re-Mix-Her!

Daily: Great Lengths

Daily: Fancy Pants