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If you’re interested in advertising on Re-Mix-Her, I have a variety of spots and sizes available, which can be rented for 15-day periods or on a monthly basis. Please email me at for more information.


I’m available to collaborate on reviews, outfit posts, item features, and designs. All items I receive that I have not purchased myself or that were not given to me from a family member or close friend will be marked as c/o, “courtesy of.” If you’re interested in collaborating with me in any of the ways previously listed, please email me at


Need the perfect first-date outfit? Headed to a job interview and have no idea what to wear? Or maybe you’re bored with what you have in your closet and feel your wardrobe needs a little re-mixing.

Rather than spending a chunk of change on a whole new outfit, save some money and hire me as your virtual personal-stylist! Via Skype or Facetime, I will help you evaluate your wardrobe or help you re-mix what you already have and breathe new life into your clothes.

Sessions available:
20 minutes | wardrobe evaluation | $10
30 minutes | outfit remixes (four) | $15

A wardrobe evaluation will help you determine what key pieces are missing from your closet, all based on your lifestyle and your day-to-day needs. You will also receive a recommendation of where to buy these items, all based on your budget.

Outfit remixes are either based on specific needs you might have (birthday party, vacation, etc.) or based on pieces in your closet you’re bored with or have no clue how to wear. In a half-hour session, you will receive four outfit remixes consisting of pieces you already own.

If you’re interested in purchasing a session, email me at

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